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Baby Step #3: ✓

My Dave Ramsey Debt-Free Journey started in February 2011. A guy in my Bible study group handed me a copy of the Total Money Makeover – what prompted this, I … Continue reading

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If Wisdom Was Enough

Solomon was a wise man even before God bestowed infinite wisdom on him. He already knew enough to know he needed to know more. When it was his turn to … Continue reading

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Why I’ll Never Breakup with Reading Again

When I decided to (temporarily) breakup with reading a few months ago, I had visions of doing something profound with the newly found time. Perhaps I would build more time … Continue reading

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Minimalist Monday: Adventures in Composting

As part of my ever growing desire to reduce the amount of space I take up on this planet, I’ve longed to compost for years. I kept putting it off … Continue reading

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Quit Misusing Your Imagination

My anxiety has worsened with age – likely due to a more realistic view of the world, too much time alone with my thoughts, and the daily stress of adulting. … Continue reading

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The Free Will Battle

The free will battle comes up frequently. Are we really in control of our destiny? Do we really have choices in life? Is everything predestined for us no matter how … Continue reading

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Minimalist Monday: The Envelope System

There are a lot of things about Dave Ramsey’s financial freedom plan that were life changing – but the envelope system has been one principle that continues to transform my … Continue reading

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Flooded by Grace

Here’s a concept to consider: The more that sin enters the world, the more that grace comes flooding in to cover it. Romans 5:20 show us that, “where sin increased, … Continue reading

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This is Our One Chance

God blessed me with a good temperament and the ability to control my tongue – both which keep me in an upbeat spirit 99% of the time. A co-worker recently … Continue reading

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When I decided to sponsor a child in El Salvador, I was excited to share God’s love with her while building a friendship that would hopefully last for years. I … Continue reading

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