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God Moves

Forgetting all the ways God has shown up in my life is scarily easy for me. We just talked about this at youth group, encouraging the teenagers to look to … Continue reading

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One of Our Own

Last July was a hard month. We lost a friend to a brief and freak accident. He was 30 and at his bachelor party when it happened. He had a … Continue reading

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Shame on Me

A recent conversation with a co-worker has me thinking about how unaware society as a whole is about this whole God thing. I’m not even sure what comment I made … Continue reading

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To the Overseer of My Soul

To the overseer of my soul:  For the life of me, I’ll never understand why you are so quick to hold and protect and nurture me when the glimpses I throw … Continue reading

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What Has Its Grip on You?

“People are slaves to whatever has mastered them.” { 2 Peter 2:19 }   I’m no stranger to the concept of idols. That word comes up often at church and … Continue reading

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Decisions Simplified

I overanalyze everything. Like everything. I want to be as cost effective, efficient, prepared, and correct as I can be in life. But the grounds for a yes or a … Continue reading

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Refinement through the Fire

Do your prayers typically go something like this, “Please keep me safe, please give me more than enough, please make me comfortable and happy,” just with a few more words? … Continue reading

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Tea Syrup: A Springtime Treat

The Midwest is finally awakening from the slumber of winter, with the smell of freshly mowed grass, beautiful trees blossoming on every street, and permeating humidity. Lots of it. And … Continue reading

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Living All the Days of Life

Intentional living has been on my mind for months. After finishing Everything that Remains last year, I found myself longing to apply minimalist principles to how I spend my time. I’ve shared before … Continue reading

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It is Finished

Every day I am blown away that God pursued me so incessantly when I was running 100 mph in every direction but His. At the time, I didn’t recognize the still, small … Continue reading

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