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Bring It On

  “Bring me what you have.” Over and over again, I’m reminded that this is God’s request of us. It’s never, “Bring me your best. Bring me your brightest. Bring … Continue reading

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Just Waiting for Us

As I’ve stumbled my way through the process of outlining, writing, editing, and ignoring two novels over the past few years, I’ve become immensely more appreciative of the novels I … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Stop You

Bad news gets good air time, doesn’t it? Simply turn on the TV – Bam! Bad news. Good news rarely gets a nod. Perhaps news stations and media outlets fear … Continue reading

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Let the Guy Make a U-Turn

On the way home from work, I watched a man become highly animated as he yelled at another man for attempting to make a u-turn where it was clearly marked … Continue reading

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Redefine Your Blessings

“Count your blessings.” How many times have you heard that in your life? A lot? Me too. The ones I often count include good health, plenty of money, and nice … Continue reading

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Sun Tea with the Help of Your Garden

Why this idea has never occurred to me escapes me. We made sun tea growing up, large pitchers of it. I guess I associate sun tea with lots of tea. … Continue reading

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God Moves

Forgetting all the ways God has shown up in my life is scarily easy for me. We just talked about this at youth group, encouraging the teenagers to look to … Continue reading

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One of Our Own

Last July was a hard month. We lost a friend to a brief and freak accident. He was 30 and at his bachelor party when it happened. He had a … Continue reading

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Shame on Me

A recent conversation with a co-worker has me thinking about how unaware society as a whole is about this whole God thing. I’m not even sure what comment I made … Continue reading

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To the Overseer of My Soul

To the overseer of my soul:  For the life of me, I’ll never understand why you are so quick to hold and protect and nurture me when the glimpses I throw … Continue reading

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