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The Naming of Things

Andrew Bird, The Naming of Things

Not only do you have to gravel with the matter of what exactly you’ll write about if you blog, but you also have to decide what you will name the blog. It has to be ironic and catchy. It has to sum up you in 2 lines or less.

Going about the business of naming this blog was tedious (and I’m still not sure I’m committed to it). I had to make sure no one else had already taken it (and jumping into the blogging scene years and years after the fact, chances are it was taken). I poured through the internet with the first few ideas I had, trying to find inspiration from other blog titles while not copying them. Tedious, I say. But as with all of my great thoughts, it came to me while walking one day. It’s as if my brain knows when there is no pen, paper, or phone around to jot these things down with. I do the most beautiful writing in my head. It’s when I sit down to actually write that it all falls apart.

So on this walk, I named the blog Life and Tea, One Sip at a Time. I happen to love both. They happen to be what my thoughts revolve around often. But it’s a cliché. I can’t build a blogging life on a cliché. So I pondered more. What did I actually want to say with this blog? What was my focus going to be? At first, I thought it would just be thoughts and no direction. But as much as we try to deny it, we need direction. In everything we do. Period. That is when I decided my focus would be my faith. It’s my direction in life, so why not be the direction for this blog? Is the name ironic? No. Is it catchy? No.  Drats.

I checked the name off my list and then I had to decide if I would attach my name to the writing. My instinct was to remain anonymous. My thoughts went to, “What if things get personal and my friends and family find it?” Well, Ashlee, I hate to be the one who breaks this to you, but life’s personal. Did I really want to become a writer? Yes. Did I really want this blog to somehow lead to something else? Yes. Then I had to publish under my name. Not my initials, not a pseudonym. It had to be me for all the world to see. See this, King? This is me being brave enough to start.

Now for the life part. The past four years of my life have been incredible. The past four years of everyone’s life has been incredible, if you ask me. I know we all have a story to tell if someone is willing to sit next to us and listen. Simply listen. But a lot has happened that I want to share with you. Bits and pieces of it will be tied in with what is happening presently. Other chunks of it will be reflections of the past. And small portions will be about what I am looking towards.


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