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Adventures in Tea: Flowering Tea

For a light, refreshing, and extremely interesting cup of tea, I recommend trying a blooming or flowering tea. The bundles look deceiving, like the dried up innards of a tennis ball if you ask me, but the surprise inside will be worth it. According to all-mighty Wikipedia, blooming tea is made by binding tea leaves and flowers together into a bulb. Once the bulb is steeped in hot water, the bundle unfurls to expose a blooming flower, all whilst making your perfect cuppa tea.

It originated in China and comes in a wide variety of flavors and flowers. According to MountainRoseHerbs, the tea leaves are picked early in the morning and are flattened while still damp and sewn with cotton thread into the bulbs you see above.

My mother was brave enough to go on this tea adventure with me. We selected a tea with a bit of spice and a sweet aroma. We waited in anticipation as the tea steeped and steeped and steeped. It look a lot longer than we expected, anxious and instant-gratification-addicted Western Worlders that we are…

photo (16)

But alas, the beautiful bloom below! It felt grandiose. It felt sophisticated. It felt like a success. This blend was a refreshing chamomile, which proved to be a perfect afternoon treat. It was surprisingly good. We were in it for the shock and awe factor and didn’t have high hopes for the tea itself. And, another great note, the bulbs can be steeped multiple times.

photo (17)

So, where have your recent tea adventures taken you?


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