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Dear Life: A Thank You Note

The first blog I followed was Kim and Brian’s journey at So Many Places. I instantly connected with her love for travel and writing. Kim started a “Dear Life” series this summer where readers can share their love letters and gratitude for life. I was featured in this week’s post and I wanted to share it with all of you.

You can read click here to view the post and read this week’s letters. While you’re there, be sure to check out all the amazing places they have been in the past year.

Dear Life, 

Thank you for the overwhelming joy the Monday of a vacation week brings. Thank you for the way the sunlight reflects off the lake today and the way a redheaded nephew giggles in the breeze. Thank you for the smell of sunblock and lake water on my skin. Thank you for the strange hum of far off boat motors as I swim beneath the waves. Thank you for the dragonflies that flutter from raft to raft as we unconvincingly shoo them away. 

Thank you for the years of memories this lake has sent us home with. While I used to be jealous that other families went to new locations each summer, I realize now that nothing beats a second home. This lake knows us as well as we know it. 

 Michigan July 2013 - iPhone 064


Thank you for the safety I feel with my sister and her husband sleeping in the room to my left and my parents in the room to my right. Surrounded by love whichever way I turn. 

 Michigan July 2013 - iPhone 065

Thank you for allowing us the chance to know this place during its heyday years ago, when the strip was bustling, the ice cream line took forever, and live music poured out of every bar. And thank you for the silence that descends over the lake now, allowing us to make conversation and new memories in peace. 





4 comments on “Dear Life: A Thank You Note

  1. bookofmohs
    July 22, 2013

    Looks like such a wonderful vacation, you’re right Monday mornings on vacation are fabulous

    • Ashlee
      July 22, 2013

      They make all the other Mondays worth it, don’t they? Thank you for reading!

      • bookofmohs
        July 23, 2013

        Yes the do, you’re welcome

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