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Making the Impossible Possible

Have you ever come up with a great idea or decided to take on a rigorous challenge just to have someone tell you you’re crazy and dash your dreams? Or do you often find yourself being the dasher of dreams?

I watched a middle school production of The Phantom Tollbooth a few weekends ago, and one of the lines is still sticking with me. “Many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.” (Norton Juster) Think of how much more we feel capable of achieving when someone believes in us. When someone says go for it. When someone says you’re gonna rock it. Other people’s faith in us can propel us to do big, impossible things just as long no one tells us they are impossible along the way.

While reading through the book of Nehemiah, I was reminded of the same concept. Nehemiah felt led to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, a daunting and long task I’m sure. When he told the people of Jerusalem of his intentions, no one baulked at the idea or dashed his dreams. They simply stated, “Let’s do this.”


As this small group of people began putting up parts of the walls, they were ridiculed and mocked by the enemy. People stood all around them telling them it was an impossible job, but Nehemiah 4:6 says they continued to work with all their heart. How easy is it to throw in the towel once the work gets tough. With a flip of the switch, we can go from saying we can do anything to believing that it’s all going to amount to nothing anyway. But these people didn’t give up even when their efforts amounted to little progress. They continued to work with all their heart because they knew Nehemiah and God had faith in them. They knew the impossible would be possible if they could stick with it.

As the enemy grew angry at their perseverance and threatened to attack, Nehemiah reminded the people of Jerusalem to not be afraid and to trust that God would fight for them. He wasn’t going to leave them high and dry or turn His back on them because He continued to have faith in them. When no one else thought they could accomplish it, God knew they would.

Maybe you are facing something today that someone has told you is impossible. I’m here to say don’t listen to that nonsense. Many things are possible as long as you refuse to believe they are impossible. You’re going to have to dig deep, but inside of you there is the motivation and the spark to keep going. Maybe you need to remind yourself that never once do we ever walk alone and sometimes we have to stand alone here on this earth, but step by step with God’s help we can make the impossible possible.

Who do you need to put a little faith in this week? Go help them move mountains. 


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