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NaNo Week #3: Victory is Lurking…Somewhere

My words are…slowing. My words are…thinning out. My words are…escaping me.

I’ve sat and stared at this blank blog post for a little while now with nothing left to give tonight. That’s a good thing, right? Because I gave it all to the novel. A majority of us WriMos are probably cursing that notion right now. We gave the whole darn month to the novel.

Victory is just three chapters away. I’m sitting pretty at 46,088. I think I can easily stretch those three chapters out over the 3,912 words I have left and there will be some change left over. I’m thinking the novel will wrap up around 53,000.

I’m extremely happy that I won’t have to develop a few more chapters to get me over the 50K hump, or go back and read a few chapters to beef them up. I’ve been successful at writing without looking back so far. I’m normally a shameful version of Ralphie from A Christmas Story when he’s reading his theme and muttering “Wow, that’s great.” Sad, but true. I’ve refrained from giving myself too many pats on the back.

No matter where you’re at right now, keep pushing yourself, keep forcing your fingers to type, keep showing up each day. Escort the Week Two Doldrums to the front door and give them a swift kick on the booty to get them out. It’s time to make novels happen.


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