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What Life { Faith } Tea Means to Me

I’ve been a writer at heart who failed to sit down and write most of my life. I had no problem dreaming up good story lines; I had major problems putting them on paper. I’m sure a few of you out there can relate.

My goal – my hope – in starting this blog was to force myself to get to the business of writing more. I knew a personal deadline and a few followers would be the motivation I needed. After absorbing some great information from a wonderful co-worker and friend who has been blogging on WordPress for years, I had no more excuses.

Thus Life { Faith } Tea was born.


I thought about starting a blog multiple times in the past and assumed it would be random rambles about whatever. I didn’t see a clear focus for it, I just saw funny things happen in my life and I wanted to capture them on (digital) paper. While walking one day, I thought about what I would name the darn thing and three words came to mind. I didn’t know the potential they held or for how long I could write about them, but they had a nice ring to them in my mind.

So I set to writing. And I liked it. It made me happy and it brought me to life. I started to see things in a new way when I switched from thinking about writing to actually doing it. And then while I was at it, I started working on some other writing projects. Finishing an essay and a novel. Setting some lofty writing goals for 2014. It’s become contagious.

I didn’t realize in the beginning the hold God would take on the blog. He’s a big part of my life so I knew He would come up, but apparently that wasn’t the vision He had for it. It quickly went from, “Let’s post some random ramblings about funny things in life,” to, “Let’s bare my soul and all the junk I’m dealing with and how God is working through it,” in a hurry. I still get uncomfortable about how honest I am on here, but it’s not about me. It’s about what He needs from me. And I’m so grateful He has chosen to play such a predominant part in this journey.

This blog and these rambles have been therapy for me in more ways than I ever imagined. They have made me a better writer and, more importantly, a stronger Christ follower. The added bonus is hearing when my words and the stuff I’m trying to deal with inspires someone else to see life and faith in a new way. So thank you for coming along on the journey with me, whether it’s been from the beginning or just from this post. It has been an inspiring, joyous, warming, and wonderful thing to me. XOXO


2 comments on “What Life { Faith } Tea Means to Me

  1. Anna Bachinsky
    April 4, 2014

    Writing really is therapeutic and I love how on here you not only help yourself, you also bless others in the process. 🙂 May you continue to write faithfully about your walk with Christ!

    • Ashlee
      April 7, 2014

      Thank you, Anna! That is very sweet of you to say. It is an amazing thing to be constantly filled up by Him so we can pour it out on others again and again. I hope your faith is deepened every day, as well! Thanks for reading.

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