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I Stayed Inside

It was absolutely beautiful this past weekend. Sunny and 70 on Saturday and 80 on Sunday. It was so tempting to do something, to go somewhere, to find a friend, to soak in the sun, but the past three weekends were packed, the next three weekends are just as busy, and, to my dismay, my novel isn’t editing itself. How dare it.

Bob over at Part-Time Novel just posted about making sacrifices to fit in writing time. It got me thinking about how little I sacrifice for my writing. In a dream world, there would be plenty of time between life and work and responsibilities, but weeks and months quickly go by.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices. Sometimes we have to stay inside.

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Who or what is getting a full slice of your life? And who or what is getting the leftover crumbs?

God definitely gets a share of the crumbs some weeks. My writing definitely gets crumbs almost every week. On my selfish days, I like to believe I give myself the crumbs but I know that’s a lie. I give myself plenty – more than I want to admit.

So who’s the lucky duck getting a good portion of my time? Often, I can’t really answer this question, which seems very strange. There’s the obvious ones – work, ministries, all those tedious tasks to survive the day. But in all honesty, that still leaves a lot of time in the week. How in the world is this novel not edited yet?

I’m sure some of you struggle to find balance, as well. Balance between the things you enjoy, the things you have to do, and the things you dream about making time for…someday.

I’d love to be outside right now flaring up my allergies and smiling in the breeze, but I don’t want my writing to miss out yet again. Instead I’m going to stare at the blue sky through a window in between bursts of editing and efforts to backlog some blog content. And then next weekend when I’m on the other side of the glass, I can feel happy knowing that for the first time in weeks my writing got a large (and deserving) part of me.


One comment on “I Stayed Inside

  1. Bob Evenhouse
    May 9, 2014

    Well done Ashlee!

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