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Read Along with Me: The Maze Runner #1


Throughout the summer, you’ll be seeing periodic Read Along posts from me for the young adult novel The Maze Runner. Sam over at Taking on a World of Words came up with the interesting and great idea to have a virtual read along with a group of bloggers. The participants will read a small chunk of the novel every two weeks, send each other a few questions, and then blog about what we’re reading.

To learn more about our little group, you can view the read along page on Sam’s blog by clicking here. You can also read a synopsis of the book here for a better idea of what we’re blogging about.



Chapters 1-9

Right off the bat, I was amazed at how organized things are at the Glade. Fifty to sixty middle school and high school aged boys seems like a mess to me. I’ve been involved with the student ministry at my church long enough to know that boys should never be alone in a room together, let alone in a survival of the fittest world like the Glade.

Questions #1: Within the second paragraph, Alby is explaining the purpose of the Box – when it comes and what it contains. Alby ends his dialogue with, “…pretty much run ourselves in the Glade.” It’s been mentioned a few times that these kids are around 12, how do these children know how to fend for themselves? 

I think it’s intriguing that these boys can come together for a common goal. They split themselves up in different areas – gardeners, cooks, cleaners, animal slaughterers – every thing is broken down and everyone has a job to do to keep the place running smoothly. It seems like the boys have been in the Glade for awhile so they’ve had a chance to iron out all the kinks, and I’m sure there are the rebellious ones who shake the boat every now and then, but the boys definitely seem older than their years. I’m sure there is a lot of growing up that has to happen when you’re taken from your world, stripped of your memories, and thrown into a place like the Glade. There’s no longer time for fooling around.

Question #2: Do “normal” things like mayonnaise and tennis shoes take you out of the story, or ground you in it? Is “ordinary stuff” distracting or intriguing?

It seems funny that whoever placed these boys in the Glade is considerate enough to send them shoes when they need them and condiments for their meals. Such small details could easily be overlooked, but think about how amazing those small things can become when you’re constantly filled with fear and uncertainty. They don’t remember much about their former lives, but normal things like these might make life seem more tolerable instead of so desperate.

Question #3: Is Chuck more than he seems to be?

I go back and forth on Chuck. I like the kid and I’m curious as to why he is the one Thomas is gravitating towards since Chuck is describe as a weak link in the chain at the Glade. Thomas comes off as strong and confident and most kids like him wouldn’t make time for someone like Chuck. I’m interested to see how their relationship pans out.

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9 comments on “Read Along with Me: The Maze Runner #1

  1. Sam
    May 14, 2014

    Ashlee, I’m so excited to see your post is up! I like the references to shoes and mayo because it grounds me in the fact that this is the present or the future. There’s no way this is ‘a galaxy far far away’ or something like that.
    I’ll add your link to the hub page. I’m so excited!

  2. lynnsbooks
    May 14, 2014

    Good answers – looking forward to the next instalment when we hopefully will have a bit more of a glimpse of what’s going on in the Maze.
    Lynn 😀

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