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The Wonders of Chamomile

It wasn’t until my mother kindly pointed out the crevice the size of the Nile River I had worked in between my brows from constantly furrowing them that I began to realize what I was allowing anxiety to do to my body. (She offered to pay for the botox.) My car was not being on its best behavior and I was stressing about that; my best friend moved away and I was stressing about figuring out life without her; I saw a few cockroaches in my apartment and I was stressing out about the colony of them that were presumably waiting patiently behind the walls to eat me alive while I slept at night.

Anything and everything can be a trigger when you battle anxiety.

I had let the stress get to the point where I was feeling light headed, my mind was racing yet I felt dazed, and my blood sugar was dipping, causing me to feel shaky. Ironically, these symptoms felt exactly like the issues I had last year with my thyroid, which only sent my anxiety tizzy into overdrive because the specialist said if the symptoms came back my only real option was surgery to have it removed.  I want to keep the thyroid God gave me, thank you very much! And I certainly don’t want those medical bills.

After blood work proved that my thyroid levels are just fine, I was forced to admit that my anxiety was getting to me. Then I started having anxiety about my anxiety! You laugh, but it. never. ends.

14105703_sWhile doing some research on natural remedies, chamomile tea kept coming up in each article I read. I knew chamomile was great for relaxing and calming the body but I had never heard anyone specifically use the word anxiety. They always say it’ll help you sleep, but will it cure the Nile-long crevice on my forehead?

Some articles recommend drinking 2-4 cups of chamomile a day to minimize anxiety. Chamomile has been used as an herbal remedy for thousands of years, providing physical and mental benefits to those who ingest it according to Live Strong. On all mighty Wikipedia, it states chamomile is an aromatic European plant of the daisy family, with white and yellow daisy-like flowers. Some research suggests that “the anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties in chamomile may have clinical applications in the treatment of stress and insomnia.” I’m not sure what makes that small, white flower so special, but I’m willing to give it a try.

Maybe I should have this mantra tattooed on my forehead to cover the crevice:

Breathe deeply. Pray. Drink Chamomile. Repeat.

But then I would have anxiety about the ink leaking into my blood stream and… 😉

For chamomile tea with a twist, you can check out this recipe at


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