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Read Along with Me: The Maze Runner #5

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Chapters 39 – 51

Question #1 from Sultana: Both Thomas and Alby have now gone through the Changing, but the boys had different memories resurface — Thomas remembers details about the experiment, and Alby remembers the Flare and the outside world –and Thomas was able to talk about his memories whereas some outside force prevented Alby from speaking. Why do the two boys have different memories, and how come Thomas is able to openly talk about his whereas Alby was not? Is there any reason for this? If so, what?

It’s almost as if the Creators know that Thomas will fight hard to get everyone out of the Maze, regardless of what he knows about the outside world. Thomas seems to understand that there is a greater purpose at play, a greater experiment going on, that the boys need to be a part of. Perhaps the Creators stopped Alby from sharing too much because they know the other boys don’t have the same perspective or wisdom as Thomas. If they figure out how bad it is, no one will leave the Maze and the Creators won’t have this great and mighty tribe of boys to fight the Flare or whatever is going on out there.

Question #2 from Sam: In Chapter 44, Teresa suggests that she and Thomas were lovers or knew each other intimately before entering the Glade. Do you think the other boys knew each other before the Glade? Thomas reveals later in the section that they were all orphans raised for this experiment. Did they know each other growing up? Do you think those relationships survived the mind wipe?

This is a fantastic observation. I think it’s very strange that Thomas and Teresa still have a connection but none of the other boys do. I assume that they were all raised together, learning the tricks and mastering the tools they needed to endure the Maze. So if that is the case, bonds would have been formed, so why can’t they remember or why can’t they telepathically speak to one another? If I’m wrong, then there’s always the possibility that they were raised in separate “camps” if you will, and one boy from each camp was selected. Or maybe they were secluded from others while they were being raised. But didn’t Chunk mention once that he remembered his mom? How old could the boys have been when they were taken by the Creators? I’m so confused by this!

Question #3 from Barb:  The telepathy gift indicates a very developed intelligence.  Why don’t the creators use it to communicate with Thomas and Theresa?  Memory recall thru the changing process for Thomas was a very dangerous way for him to gain the knowledge he needed to take the next step.

It seems to me that the Creators threw the boys a bone by giving them Thomas to solve the Maze, but they are still forcing them to work together to get through it. I guess this is another way to challenge their intelligence as a group, and their commitment to helping each other through it. It is strange that the Creators let those two communicate that way. I think the Creators are always watching but don’t have a full hand in guiding the boys through or dictating their every move.

Question #4 from Nicole: I wondered towards the end of this section if the people in charge/running the whole operation were aware of the boys and what they were on too. And if they did know what was happening, why didn’t they try to stop it or was this part of the “plan”?

I think the plan was to let the boys figure it out on their own. The Creators controlled the environment, the supplies, the amount of boys in the Maze, but they’re leaving the rest up to the subjects in the experiment. I’m convinced the Creators are always watching but not always responding in a way to help the boys solve the Maze and break free.

Question #5 from Katherine:  I never thought of any of these characters as particularly smart. Does it strike anyone else as not very believable that these guys are all so super elite that they were co-opted by Science? Particularly Thomas, whose head we’re actually inside and who supposedly designed the maze.

Ha! I love this question, Katherine! Because NO, none of them seem that intelligent at all. You’re right – these are the super elite who are going to save the world? I don’t get that part at all. They seem to be a bunch of teenagers like any other bunch of teenagers.

Question #6 from Lynn: What do you think about the fact that Thomas and Teresa knew each other before the Maze – in what way?  And why would they be needed to help form the Maze?

You raise a great question, Lynn. If Thomas and Teresa were raised by the Creators, then why would they let them be in a relationship with each other? Their connection isn’t one of brother and sister, so that means they must have been boyfriend and girlfriend, right? That connection / relationship would have been a distraction for them from their training. I imagine that would have gotten in the way of what the Creators were trying to accomplish. Again, this books is leaving so many question unanswered and I really, really, really don’t want to invest time in the other two. If anyone in the group decides to read the others, I look forward to your detailed report on WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON! J


3 comments on “Read Along with Me: The Maze Runner #5

  1. Sam
    July 8, 2014

    I’m still up in the air about reading on. The hubby loved the next two and they’re on my shelf, but I’m debating.
    Thank you so much for participating in the read along, Ashlee! It was so great to get to know you doing this. I hope we can do another one soon!

  2. lynnsbooks
    July 12, 2014

    I think I’m probably like you and won’t read the next two. This book has been okay but I wouldn’t say it has gripped me very well! Plus, I have a horrible feeling we are going to be left on the hook at the end of this book – which I find kind of irritating – I want answers!!
    Lynn 😀

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