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Read Along with Me: The Maze Runner #6

Final Maze Runner post!

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Chapters 52 – 62

Question #1 from Sam: In Chapter 55, Alby sacrifices himself to try and gain an advantage for Thomas and Teresa to reach the Griever Hole. Do you think that Alby actually decided to do this, or is the mind-control the Creators seem to have over him what pushed him to do so?

I believe that Alby was under his own control when he did it and he truly did not want to return to the outside world. After the Changing he was always on edge and never himself, and I think that what he saw disturbed him to the point of doing something as crazy as committing suicide (basically). I also believe that he hoped the Grievers would only kill one boy and he wanted to save everyone else. It was done out of hope of saving the others and saving himself from the life that waited outside the Maze.

Question #2 from Nicole: Do you think at the end of the book the boys have any idea what’s in store going forward? Do we know if any of their families survived?

It seems to me that at this point not even Thomas knows what to expect so I bet the boys are even more confused and unsure of what will be coming around the next corner. You  bring up an interesting point about the families. Did all their parents die in the beginning and the Creators snatched up all the orphans? Were they willingly “donated” by their parents for the greater good? Were they taken from their parents? If anyone reads the next two, you’ll have to let us know if any parents or family members surface! That’s got me curious…

Question #3 from Katherine:  Let’s say the creators hadn’t shipped up food and clothes and supplies to the boys for two years…couldn’t they have achieved basically the same weeding-out effect, but much faster?

Yes, I agree with you. I think two years is so ridiculously long to run an experiment when the world is in turmoil. How could the Creators buy themselves that kind of time? More questions than answers with this novel!

Question #4 from Lynn: Any guesses about the purpose of this whole experiment?

Without understand what is exactly wrong with the world, I’m still confused about the whole experiment. We know they were trying to weed out the dead weight, if you will, but the boys were merely challenged to survive in an alternate world – not develop a special skill or power. Yes, they threw Grievers into the situation and the Changing, but life was pretty much normal life there. They worked, they ate, they slept, they made it through another day. I can’t put my finger on what the ultimate purpose could be.


One comment on “Read Along with Me: The Maze Runner #6

  1. Sam
    July 22, 2014

    I agree about keeping the boys alive while in turmoil, it seems so pointless! Don’t you need a solution ASAP?
    Thanks so much for participating! I’ve had so much fun doing this read-along with you all.

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