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Jesús te ama

El SalvadorI am so excited to share that I will be going on a mission trip to El Salvador in January! My church takes two trips there per year and I’ve been praying about going for a long time. God must think the time is right since I was able to get on the limited team.

In the past, the groups have partnered with a sister church near San Salvador to minister to the community. Our trip details are still being ironed out, but in the past teams have led purity classes for teenagers, painted houses in the community, facilitated women’s retreats, and made improvements to the church.

My home church partners with Compassion International to sponsor children in the San Salvador region. As part of the mission trip, team members will have a chance to meet some of the sponsored children, and I’ve already had so many friends tell me to say hello to their child for them. I can’t wait to see every one of their cute faces in a few months.

I’m excited to see how God will use all of us during the week we are there. My prayer right now is to be open to whatever needs to be done. This will be my first mission trip so I’m not completely sure what to expect, but I will be serving alongside dear friends from church and youth group, which will make it even that more meaningful.

photo (62)

How I shared the news with my mom. She’s already a nervous wreck about it. 🙂 

So while I prepare, I’ll be in prayer for everyone going, for the church in El Salvador, and for the beautiful people I will meet. I started researching fundraising ideas and I plan on offering up my babysitting, resume writing, and organizational skills to friends and family in exchange for donations. I’m also doing a massive purge of my apartment in September (more details to come next week in case you want to join in on the fun) and if anything is worth selling, I’ll add the proceeds to the mission fund.

I’m committed to working hard to raise the $2,200 and I’m convinced God will provide. Honestly, I look forward to the challenge of sacrificing my time and resources this fall to make the trip happen. I think it will be a great reminder that all we have should be used for His good.

For the past few months, my silent prayer has been “Break my heart for what breaks Yours.” After reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker, I realized how much more aware I want to become of the needs of those around me. I want to me more active in my community, and I have explored a few options with homeless ministries and youth centers in the area. While I continue to search for ways to be on mission in my town, I’m excited to see how my eyes and heart will be opened even more after going to Central America.

God is good and I want that to be known wherever I roam.

If you have any unique fundraising ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments!

And let me leave you with my latest obsession…


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