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Sometimes the pace of life is wildly out of control. Even those who set boundaries for themselves can feel pulled in too many directions at times. Busyness breeds busyness.

Feeling like I was losing my center, I decided to be more selective with my time in August. I took a break from three big time sucks in my life this summer: reading novels, watching TV series, and going out with friends during the week.

For four weeks, I said no to things I would have said yes to, and I gave up some things I love in hopes of tackling a to-do list and being more serious about my quiet time with God each day.

My to-do list started with seven things. Halfway through the month I completed two of them. And then at the end of the month I added three more items to it. Oh – and my quiet time was just as rushed as normal.

This so-called sabbatical has gotten me nowhere. 

But it has got me thinking about time a lot more. I was craving more time to tackle some things that I’ve been putting off for too long, but even when I carved out the time to do them I quickly filled my time with other meaningless things.

Even when I gave myself more time, there still wasn’t enough time. Go figure.

I can see now that it’s not just about having time, it’s about being truly focused and intentional about what you do with that time. I can’t blame the novels and the dinner dates as the reason for me not having the energy or mental space to get things done at night. Or really focus on God’s word. It comes down to me. 

We can waste time thinking about the time we wish we had, the time we think we’ll have later, and the time we’ll never have. Or we can figure out what we’re going after in this life and then get after it.

Maybe August was the time I needed to realize I’m the one who wastes time – not my hobbies. And maybe September is the time when I make space for that to-do list. Or maybe October. Or maybe that to-do list is the wrong thing to be focusing my time on anyway.

All this rambling to say I’m contemplating starting an Intentional Living series. Like I shared last week, I like a challenge and a deadline so if I push myself to be intentional each month and then share the experience with you, I might just stick with it.

But first, let me find the time to plan how that little idea should go…



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