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Minimalist Monday // The Kitchen

I shared a few days ago that I’m embarking on the Minimalist Challenge during the month of September. 30 days to purge 465 items from my house. Doesn’t that sound amazing and liberating? I agree. 🙂

So, let the purging begin.

photo 4 (14)


Week 1I tackled the kitchen with the goal of donating, pitching, or selling 21 items.


1 – Full container of Tarragon spice (I have two and I don’t even like the stuff)


2 – wooden spoons that have seen better days


3 – reusable contains that I never resuse


4 – drink stirrers


1 – wine bottle opener
1 – bottle opener
1 – tiny hand towel that magically expands in water
1 – scissors
1 – almost gone lint roller


1 – air freshner cartridge
1 – post-it flags
1 – pencil
1 – baggie of rubber bands and bread ties (I have the tendencies of an 80-year-old grandma sometimes…)
1 – expired container of cocoa powder
1 – expired container of corn syrup


1 – box of candles
1 – set of lightbulbs that fit no fixtures in my apartment
1 – decorative jar
1 – bottle of floor cleaner
1 – bottle of kitchen cleaner
1 – bottle of shampoo
1 – can of wood finish


Man, week 1 was easy! Can’t wait to see how erratic I feel when it’s 21 items being purged in one day instead of one week.

Are you joining in on the Minimalist Challenge? If you’re still on the fence, there’s plenty of time to catch up throughout the month. First one to 465 items wins!


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