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Homemade Orange Green Tea

Confession of a tea lover – I don’t love green tea. I force myself to drink it because I feel like I should, but it’s not my cuppa tea (ba-dum ching). I’ve tried plain green tea, kiwi and pear green tea, apple blossom green tea, ginseng green tea, you name it. After each sip I’ve never thought, “This is the ONE!”

I am drawn to it for it’s health benefits – allegedly it lowers the risk of cancer and heart disease and improves fat-fighting metabolism for weight loss – which is reason enough to drink it even if I don’t love it.

This week I attempted to make my own green tea mixture by drying orange peels and steeping them with the tea.

Taking a tip from Wandering Chopsticks, I peeled the oranges and baked the rinds at 170 degrees (the lowest my oven would go) until they were dry, which took about one hour.

photo 2 (31)

Then I let them steep with The People’s Green Tea while crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. I wanted a strong orange flavor so I added the rinds to the water by themselves for a few minutes before adding the  tea.

And voilà – it was so good I wanted a second cup! Finally a winner! I added a few drops of honey to top it off and fight the tartness of the orange rinds. Perfection.

Now I’m thinking about what else I can concoct. Perhaps apricots will be my next tea adventure.


“Where there is tea, there is hope.”
Arthur Wing Pinero


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