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A Week with This Guy

photo 1Meet Coby, my bodyguard, cuddly buddy, alarm clock, nosey rosey, and companion for the past week while his parents enjoyed the beaches in Florida. It’s amazing how nice it is to come home to him each day, and I definitely sleep better at night knowing someone else is keeping an ear open for bad things that go bump in the night.


For all his furry and precious worth, he has reminded me of a few things this week that only a dog can.



Be overly and enthusiastically excited about the first person you see in the morning. Maybe it’s your spouse, or your kids, or the quirky IT guy at work. Either way, make sure they fully understand how overjoyed you are to be in their presence. Hugs and licks and repetitious spinning is expected.


Be brave. Very, very brave. Any small rustle could be the start of something big, so respond. Loudly and obnoxiously. Make sure every door is secure and repeatedly report back to others in the home to let them know you are on it. When the noise turns out to be nothing, pat yourself on the back for succeeding yet again at scaring the Boogie Man away. Done and done.


photo 4


Take up as much space in the bed as possible. None of this hanging out close to the edge stuff. Assert yourself, take up some room, and continuously look for better pieces of bed throughout the night. Stepping on your bedmates stomach and pushing a cold nose into their face is always acceptable.


Treat the outdoors as a precious luxury. Whether it’s a two-minute jog around the yard or a 30-minute walk around the block, enjoy every second of it. Investigate and smell everything. Roll around in the grass, feel it’s coolness on your fur. Take a minute to bask in the sunlight. Let the breeze whip through your ears. And show overwhelming enthusiasm each and every time you get to go back outside and do it all over again.


photo 5


When someone is in your way, pull them as hard as you can in the direction you want them to go. Persistence, diligence, and a lot of strength will get anyone to follow you. Refuse to cave. Put your nose to the ground and pull. The course doesn’t matter. Continuous motion is what counts.


photo 3


Spy on your neighbors as much as possible. From windows, from fences, from doors. Take every opportunity to assess what they’re doing, what they’re reading, what they’re eating. When appropriate, call out loudly to see if you can join them. Or plan a sneak attack and join them in their leisurely activities uninvited. All great friendships are started this way.


2 comments on “A Week with This Guy

  1. Sam
    September 25, 2014

    Great lessons from a friendly dog! Are you thinking of getting a furry friend of your own?

    • Ashlee
      September 29, 2014

      I hope to adopt one of my own some day! Perhaps the next apartment will be more suited for a four-legged friend. Until then, I’ll take every chance to cuddle with all my friends’ dogs. 🙂

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