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Minimalist Monday // The Bedroom

Week 4 of the Minimalist Challenge concluded in my bedroom with the goal of purging 234 things. (Holy cow, that’s a big number. 😦 )

photo 3 (18)


1 – stack of church documents
1 – stack of work documents
1 – stack of scrapbooking papers
1 – stack of maps
1 – bachelorette sash
1 – earbuds
4 – guitar picks
2 – random electronic pieces
9 – pieces of flare
1 – stack of random envelopes


17 – electronics / wires / chargers
6 – pens


24 – scrapbooking items


And that, folks, is where my Minimalist Challenge ends. I’ve opened every drawer, every closet, every box, and every cabinet drawer in my apartment! I was able to round up 300 things that I don’t love, need, or use, coming in 165 items shy of the ultimate goal. But, hey, that’s better than having so much crap that I went over the goal by 165, right? Right.

Of the 300 items, I sold a handful of clothing items at a second-hand shop, recycled the small electronics and CDs at my county’s electronic recycling center, dispersed a few books and the scrapbooking items to friends, trashed what needed to be trashed, and gave the rest to Goodwill.

It feels good to know that what is left in the apartment (for the most part) is generally loved and generally used. That makes me happy, as I’m always striving to be conscious of excess in my life. I want to only take what I need in this world. Perhaps I’ll make the Minimalist Challenge a bi-yearly event around my house to make sure I’m doing just that.

How’s your Minimalist Challenge going? Did you beat my number and cross the 465 finish line?


3 comments on “Minimalist Monday // The Bedroom

  1. Sam
    September 29, 2014

    I’m so impressed you were able to do that! I might have to count when I move next month and see how close I come to your numbers. I might have to fudge some of the numbers, haha. Is a box with 300 business cards in my maiden name just one thing?

    • Ashlee
      September 30, 2014

      In the spirit of competitiveness, nope! I didn’t know how close I could get to 465, and was a little scared of actually making it to that number (because that is a lot of stuff, yo!), but I feel great about what I was able to accomplish. It’s amazing how once you start looking you find useless stuff (or non-life enriching items, to put it nicely) all around you. I hope you enjoy the purging process while moving!

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