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What the Road Does to Me

Sometimes it takes a thing as mundane and vast and mysterious as the road to awaken a part of yourself that you absolutely love. The part of you that sits quietly behind your cubicle through the week, and quietly behind a book in the evenings. The part of you that quietly makes it through the every day and mundane things so you can get to the precious and perfect parts that make the every day worthwhile.

The road has me remembering why I love being on the road so much.

It has be riding an air tram in Tennessee, hunting for waterfalls in North Carolina, winding down the mountain in South Carolina, to finally make it to the Georgia coast.

photo (77)Smoky Mountains outside Gatlinberg, Tennessee

photo (75)

High Falls, DuPont State Forest, North Carolina

photo (74)

Winding and turning and winding again through South Carolina

photo (72)

Savannah, Georgia skyline

It has me reminiscing with old friends over peach moonshine and pumpkin beer, marveling at the fact that sometimes relationships transcend decades without you even realizing it. Sometimes bonds are for life, and that is a beautiful thing.

It has me stopping to take in the wonder of a simple speckled leaf, the tell-tale sign that my beloved fall is here.

photo (76)

It has me drinking fancy tea in the garden and walking along cobblestone roads that an unimaginable amount of people have passed across in the past 281 years. How old yet how young we are. How far we’ve come yet how far we need to go.

photo (71)

It has me taking in deep breaths of sweet and salty sea air, and remembering everything I loved about living on the east coast so many moons ago.

photo (69)

photo (63)

Tybee Island, Georgia

It has me mindlessly walking the beach in the afternoons to find misplaced treasures of the sea. The beauty and complexity of something so small that it fits in my palm reminding me of the amazing and awesome God who created each and every one of us with as much love and attention.

photo (68)

It has me traveling unfamiliar paths and attempting to speak in unfamiliar tongues.

photo (64)

photo (66)

Aaarrggg, me matey!

It has me seeking unexpected opportunities outside open windows and moving at the speed of South.

photo (70)

And pausing to surrender to the light.

photo (6)

It has my heart thankful and grateful for the health and wealth to see it all alongside my mother, who I absolutely adore. I’ll always cherish the memories of watching dolphins swim just off the shore each day, stealing a ride on a ferry to continue our legacy as hotel crashers, and smiling from ear to ear while gazing at cotton candy skies.

photo (65)

Until next time road…


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