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Time to Fess Up // Part 2

I was quick to point out the way I flawlessly executed my New Year’s Resolution this year, but I’m here to admit that I’ve been skirting around those lofty writing goals I set for myself in January. After coming off of the NaNoWriMo 2013 high last November, I thought the fire to write would consume all my free time this year. I was wrong. It sputtered out in a hurry.

Here’s a little recap of my year of attempted writing:

Edit my novel and share it with at least one person. { Pass! }

I did follow through on this one, so let’s start with the good news first. And by edit my NaNo 2013 novel, I mean read through it once for typos and grammar errors…not actually edit it to make the darn thing better. But I did share it with two people. Bonus! One gave me feedback on the first few chapters and the other person never brought it up again. Story of a hopeful novelist, right? PS I haven’t looked at my novel since July. 

Finish the short story I started six years ago when I took a writing class taught by Kevin Symmons. { Somewhat pass! }

I did pull this short story back off my hard drive, and I did do some editing to it. But that is where the progress stopped. It still needs a ton of development. It still needs to be shared with other writers for feedback. It is still nowhere after almost seven years now. 

Enter the Real Simple essay contest in September. { Fail! } 

I got about 800 words into this 1,500 word essay…and then…just…ignored it all summer. I lacked confidence in it and decided no one had time for that over at Real Simple. As if writing should be flawless when it’s first put on paper. I clearly still have a lot to accept as a would-be writer. 

Participate in NaNoWriMo again. { Even though this hasn’t started yet, I can feel it’s going to be a FAIL! } 

I had an absolute blast writing my first 58,000+ word novel in 20-ish days with the love and support of the online NaNoWriMo community last year. I was so gung ho about it at the beginning of the year that I started plotting out my next novel and developing characters. That stopped around February. Boo.

The past few weeks I’ve come across NaNo prep articles and they make my heart sink a little out of sadness. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – It hasn’t started yet. There’s still time. Quit typing this blog and start plotting again. Or just pants it. There’s no rule against pantsing! 

All valid, yes. But what about all the extensive prep work I did last year? I haven’t done any of that this year. I’m set up for failure from the get-go, right?

Lame scared writer excuses. We’ll see where November takes me.

Now that I’ve come clean, I must take responsibility for doing something about it. Re-kindle my desire to write with abandon has been added to my to-do list. Let’s see how long it sits there before getting checked off.

Good luck to all the NaNo’ers out there! Enjoy your last few evenings of bliss before mayhem begins on Saturday. 🙂


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