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Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! What a perfect day to be still and give thanks and eat, eat, eat. This time of year always has me thinking about the things I take for granted instead of giving thanks for each day. My youth group co-leader posed this question to our high school girls recently:

“What if when you wake up tomorrow morning God has taken away everything you didn’t thank Him for today?”

Pause here for a second. Let the weight of that sink in.

Oh.My.Goodness. How awful to think of the little I would wake up with on that make-believe morning.

We cruise through life assuming everything we need and love will be there every time we want it. It takes more effort to stop and recognize it as a blessing than it does to become so accustomed to it that we don’t see it anymore. So with that, I’m dead set on waking up with all that I am thankful for tomorrow morning. I hope you take a moment today to reflect on what your own list contains.

God, I thank you for:

  1. My relationship with YOU!
  2. Your son and my savior
  3. My mom and dad
  4. My sister and brother-in-law
  5. My nephew
  6. My brother and his girlfriend
  7. My grandparents
  8. My aunts and uncles
  9. My cousins
  10. My friends
  11. My health
  12. My wealth
  13. My job
  14. My apartment
  15. My car
  16. My church
  17. SCARVES!
  18. My small groups
  19. My book club
  20. My memories
  21. Workouts
  22. All the things that make my apartment a home
  23. My Bible
  24. My love of reading
  25. My love of writing
  26. My parent’s boat
  27. Amazing food
  28. Contact lenses
  29. Enough blankets to keep me warm at night
  31. 25 years of summers spent in The Ozarks
  32. Laughter
  33. Tea
  34. Blogging
  35. Inspirational quotes
  36. Gardening
  37. Bike rides
  38. Hiking
  39. Judi, my yoga instructor
  40. A hunger to do more with my life
  41. Minimalism
  42. Memory foam pillows
  43. Candles
  44. Shampoo
  45. Toothbrushes
  46. Toothpaste
  47. Stick-it notes
  48. Compassion
  49. Traveling
  50. Airplanes
  51. Eyes that are open to the world
  52. Healing
  53. Smart phones
  54. Laptops
  55. Wi-Fi
  56. Pens
  57. Paper
  58. Libraries
  59. Wood stoves
  60. Snow shovels
  61. Clothing
  62. Shoes
  64. Love
  65. Gasoline
  66. Laundry machines
  67. Fruit
  68. Babysitting
  69. Makeup
  70. Toilet paper
  71. Running water
  72. Freedom
  73. Democracy
  74. My college education
  75. Music
  76. Electricity
  77. Furnaces
  78. Furniture
  79. Diversity
  80. Hope
  81. All those yesterdays
  82. Forgiveness
  83. Clean air
  84. Refrigerator
  85. Oven
  86. The woods
  87. My childhood home
  88. Long walks
  89. Movies
  90. Dishes
  91. Time with family
  92. Hugs
  93. My ability to speak
  94. Money
  95. Watching children grow
  96. Neighbors
  97. Relationships that last a lifetime
  98. The moon
  99. The sun
  100. Community

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