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My Jar Runneth Over

This time last year my mom gave me an idea – set a jar out and every time something great happens in 2014 drop a slip of paper in the jar. Then on New Year’s Day, open the jar and read through all the fun adventures you had.


I loved the idea and instantly repurposed a salsa jar to start my collection. Today it brought me such joy to look through those little slips of paper and remember all the fun memories 2014 brought my way.

Some of the moments brought a sense of peace – “Kisses from the night at Shakespeare in the Park”

Some of them laughter – “Our charity case camp fire at Sam A. Baker State Park”

Some of them love – “A sunset cruise with my nephew and mother on the ‘baby boat on water'”

Some of them hope – “The man who needed gas at Casey’s”

And a lot of them would have been forgotten if I hadn’t taken a moment to write them down. As we reflect on the year that has past, it’s easy to focus on the big items, the hefty decisions, and the life-changing journeys. But so much of our life consists of the every day moments that quickly pass and are quickly forgotten.


If you’re looking for a new way to savor all that the next year will bring, you might consider starting a jar of your own. With each slip I opened up, I took a few moments to remember what that day was like, giving each one a chance to live again in my heart. I can’t wait to read through them once more. I think you’ll find the same happiness going through yours in 2016.

And now as I stand at the great wide open of 2015, I am excited to see which special moments will get dropped into the jar. I look forward to giving them the light they deserve. Happy New Year, friends!



2 comments on “My Jar Runneth Over

  1. clothedwithjoy
    January 2, 2015

    I love this idea!

    • Ashlee
      January 3, 2015

      I’m happy to hear that! Have fun collecting your jar of special moments this year. 🙂

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