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Be Jesus to Somebody

A news story about hair stylist Mark Bustos caught my eye this week. He provides free haircuts for the homeless in NYC every Sunday and documents his experience using the hashtag #beawesometosomebody. A prime example of how using natural talents can spread a little love around.

But as I moved on from the story, I kept thinking about how I wanted to make a small edit to that tag.


We churcheys talk a lot about being the hands and feet of Christ. That idea can boil down to something as small as using your talents to make someone’s day a little better. Money isn’t required, exceptional public speaking skills are not a must, prominence in society won’t make the message any stronger, and if the world looks relatively the same after you are done, that doesn’t mean you didn’t make a difference.

As I work my way through the Book of Acts, I’m constantly reminded that it’s such a simple thing that God asks us to do – act. Tale a step toward doing something awesome for someone else and that step will never be in vain.

The world can be overwhelming, its brokenness and desperate need crushing us as we fight to cling to hope. I will never know why things are the way they are in this world, but I will always know how God wants us to respond to the world: with overflowing love.

Be present, be mindful, be loving, be generous, be Jesus to somebody today. 


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