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What Will You Do With The Best?


As humans who courageously meet the day each morning – persevering despite our short-comings, loving despite our crabbiness, doing despite our questioning – we know that our best intentions often aren’t enough. No amount of planning or editing or saving or growing can keep us from the inevitable curve balls life throws at us sometimes. Showing up with our best doesn’t guarantee that life will respond with her best.

We love (or at least I do) being in control of the direction we’re headed and the miles we put on our souls as we venture down the highways and byways and back alleys of life. The idea that we are the ones who control our destiny is often the motivation we pull from as we propel ourselves further. Life can be anything we dream it to be, a seed of goodness that we breathe life into and feed and water until it encapsulates the whole view around us, setting deep roots within us. Life is as big and as small and as precious and as messy as we will it to be. If we just have enough will…

But as the very same humans who persevere and love and do despite it all, we are sometimes no closer, if not further apart from, this will we believe should be. Life has the possibility and the probability of rattling us to our core without a moments notice or our permission. And when the best we were promised we could achieve falls like rain around us, creating a collage of pieces we wouldn’t have placed together ourselves, we must decide.

Decide to hide our faces in fear.

Decide to weep for what will not come.

Decide to run from its weight.

Or decide to turn the collage on every end, studying every corner and curve, and accepting the beautiful way it has settled together.

I, like you, have no way of guessing what life will leave on my doorstep tomorrow. And I have no way of guaranteeing that the best I hope for today will still look like the best in five years. A guessing game as good as any. But as a people, we can resolve to make beauty out of the chaos and rise above what we’re up against. We can make the best of what we’re left with, accepting that the best might not have been what we were given. We can’t control every situation, but we can control the way we react to every situation. And my hope as I persevere and love and do my way through life is to make the best of what is in front of me, trusting that the One beside me is working all of it together for good. His good.


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