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Struggle with Reading the Bible? There’s an App for That!

For the past year or so, I’ve been struggling with reading the Bible. My consistency grew over those months but my ability to discern what I was reading was minimal at best. Even though I found time almost every day to be in His word, I did not get excited about that time and I didn’t care enough (when it comes down to it) to try harder to make it meaningful.

I just showed up every day and checked it off like a commitment. For that, Lord, I apologize.

We’re not open to God and fully living in His love when we’re checking off boxes. No relationship is healthy or sustainable like that. And in all of His love and glory, that is not how God wants us to view our time with Him. He wants us to desire more of Him. We can all relate to that, right?

Enter Through the Word, an audio app that guides you through each chapter of the Bible with commentary by different pastors and theologians. Each audio clip is around five to seven minutes, and they are filled with back story, history, and key information. They don’t merely read the chapter to you. They open the chapter up for you, provide great insights, and then let you go explore the chapter on your own afterwards. Without knowing the history, the culture, and the setting in which each chapter of the Bible takes place, we lose a lot of our ability to really understand what was going on during that time. I was certainly losing that battle.

IMG_3765I must have a thing for birds…

Left to my own devices, I was skimming over chapters until the occasional moment when I got hit over the head with something impactful and then turned it into a blog post. I was taking everything at face value instead of finding ways to understand what was going on during those times, what life was like, and in what ways radical faith was causing people to do radical things.

While chatting about spiritual growth at book club, one lady mentioned this app and how it had changed how she read the Bible. For the past few weeks I’ve been giving it a go, and it has helped me to do a 180. The chapters are becoming clear to me in ways I never would have reached on my own. I’ve started journaling along the way to keep my mind focused and to force me to get real and honest with the one who knows me better than I do.

If you need inspiration to get our of your rut as well, check out this free app now! I think it will open your eyes just as it opened mine. And if you have been using other tools to guide you as you read through God’s word, feel free to share them with us.

Happy reading and loving and living.



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