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Minimalist Monday // Lent Style

Tis’ the season of Lent so let’s use it to work on our minimalist ways.

Most think of minimalism as a quest to have less stuff or a style for decorating their living room. Yes, paring down the stuff is a huge part of it, but it should go beyond your material stuff and into the stuff that really matters in life. One way I’m using it to enrich my life is to help me figure out when to say no so I know when to say yes.

My co-workers who practice Lent give up sweets or soda or alcohol. It almost always revolves around food or drinks. But what if they used it to say no to things in life that are keeping them from truly enjoying life, whatever those things may be? Wouldn’t that be a more productive use of their 40 days?

We’re all familiar with the concept of more is not always more. So take a minute to think about the things that are taking up more of your time than they should right now. Maybe instead of watching 6 TV series at once, you cut it down to 2 and only watch them on Thursday nights so the rest of your nights are free from hours of mindless sitting in front of the television?

Or maybe your budget suffers because you run through Starbucks every morning. What would happen to your finances if you only splurged once a week instead of five times a week?

Or what if you cut back on the the committee, the club, the sport, the extra curricular activity that keeps you from having dinner with your kids each night? How do you see that impacting your relationships in the long run?

Minimalism doesn’t have to suck all the fun out of life. I see it more as a guideline to keep me in check. It builds my control, it helps me fight temptation, it allows me time for more life experiences, and it keeps me focused on what is going on inside of me.

Take a moment to think about what things you could use a little less of in your life this month…



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