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Unlocking YOU

We’ve spent a lot of time at work talking about what drives us as a company and as individuals, zeroing in on the passions that unlock our full potential. The idea is to ensure the company aligns itself with the business they want to do, and for us as employees to understand what it will take to make our jobs more than a paycheck.

Because after all, we spend one half to one third of our day on the job. Shouldn’t it be meaningful?

And when we get right down to it, we spend 100% of our time living our lives, so shouldn’t it be meaningful, too?

If you haven’t taken a step back recently to contemplate what drives you, let these four ideas help you define your passions:


What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Maybe it’s your first cup of coffee, or the four-legged creature at your feet, or the job you love going to each morning. Maybe it’s the mouths you have to feed, or the garden you like to keep. Maybe it’s the touch of sunshine on your cheeks. Determining why you love to greet the start of a new day is a tall indicator of something that has deep roots within you.


What puts a smile on your face no matter what?
When you have had the worst day ever, what has the power to turn your mood around? When all feels hopeless, what is your source of strength? Walks have the power to flip a switch inside of me. So do children and being surrounded by trees and dancing. If your day-to-day life is lacking the go-to mood booster you’re smiling about right now, find ways to inject it into the days you dread the most.


What do you wish you had time for?
My to-do list is endless and consuming and ever-present in my life. But it’s rarely filled with things I really love to do because surviving life often takes precedence. What love do you never get around to? What do you tell yourself at the end of your day, your week, your month that you wish you had accomplished? Is there a hobby or a relationship or a class or a cause you want to grow more passionate about?


If everyone on earth was gone, what would you still be doing?
Life can feel like one big distraction sometimes. If all the noise and temptation and basic necessities of life were stripped away, and you were only left with you and time, how would you spend it? What is so meaningful to you that you just wouldn’t stop doing it?


When I think about making my passions something that are so a part of me that they are me, it’s often accompanied by a dreamy sigh – the “Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” sigh. Because yes, our life and our passions should collide often instead of by chance or when there’s enough time or when the kids are grown. What will it take to live in these passions and finally unlock YOU?


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