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It is Finished

Every day I am blown away that God pursued me so incessantly when I was running 100 mph in every direction but His. At the time, I didn’t recognize the still, small voice within me – it was just the annoying voice that pointed out when I faltered, when I was selfish, when I gave up, when I was ashamed, when I wasn’t who I was suppose to be.

That voice trailed me for years until the day I finally turned around and realized it was God’s voice within me, patiently calling me back to Him. Why would He still care? I wondered, looking at my god-less life and believing it wasn’t worth forgiving.

As we prepare for Easter, I’m going back over the story of Jesus’ crucifixion. It struck me today how unbelievably telling Jesus’ last words were.

“It is finished.” { John 19:30 }

For something to be finished, it had to first begin.

For something to be finished, it had to first be planned.

How amazing it is that God knew before any of us were here, before any of the countries we live in were formed, before any of the rain forests bared trees, before any of the stars appeared in the constellations that He would love us infinitely and truly and completely. He already knew that He would want to be with us so much that He must devise a plan to deliver us and claim us as His own forever.

Despite the mess His beloved humans left in their wake, the holes they ripped in other people’s hearts, the shame they shielded their faces from, or the pain they locked away deep inside, God never faltered from His original and perfect plan to save us.

With every trial that you face, you can trust that it has already been done for you. Because Jesus claimed your heart and your hurt for His own when He finished it on the cross.

What is finished cannot be undone. And I believe that if someone asked God if He would do anything differently if He had to do it all over again, He would say no, because it all led to you – the love, the desire, the glory, and the life that He has resiliently pursued since before you were born. He already knew you, and He already loved you beyond measure.

What crazy kind of love is that?

Happy Easter, everyone!



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