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What Has Its Grip on You?

“People are slaves to whatever has mastered them.” { 2 Peter 2:19 }


I’m no stranger to the concept of idols. That word comes up often at church and youth group. I know we were made and are loved by a jealous God, who wants nothing but all of us. Every single bit of us. And I know that an idol is something that too easily takes the place of God.


But this verse is a whole other story.


This verse is talking about something more than my attention or my time.


It claims that whatever has pulled my attention away from God has me so far in its snare that it has mastered me. It has figured out my weaknesses so completely and my habits so fully that it can manipulate me to do exactly what it wants.


And that is terrifying.


My idols aren’t being too kind and sacrificing too much and focusing too much on changing the world. My idols are an obsession with money, being selfish with my time, being prideful and judgmental. They are things that the Devil is all too happy to use to master me and manipulate me to keep my eyes focused on anything other than Jesus. And to keep me quiet.


Any time I choose something other than God and His goodness, I’m choosing to fight for the other team. How can progress be made if I am always taking three steps forward and two steps back? How can I live to God’s standard and according to His plan if I continue to let idols master me?


I’m the queen of blanket prayers: Lord, make me a better person. That all too often feels like a good enough prayer for me. Some days I don’t want to take the time to take a deeper look at my life. Some days I simply don’t want to open my eyes to what I’m struggling with.


Yet, how can I rebuke what’s mastering me if I refuse to name it? It’s like saying I am going to eradicate world hunger and inject equality into our justice system without taking any steps to actually do it.


God wants every part of us because He knows how hard it is to break away from what has its grip on us once we get ensnared by the world. And because He truly loves us that much. He can’t stand to share you with anything else because He wants to make you perfect and whole and new. But that can’t happen until you break free from what is holding you down.


1 John 5 ends with:


Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.


I challenge you – take a look at your life, your heart, and your thoughts to figure out what barriers are blocking you from the God who saves. I know my obsession with money and hoarding my time keep me distracted and discontent, and I know God promises to help me fix that if I will let Him. That requires the hard task of no longer believing the lies that those things whisper to me and taking a step toward truly believing that nothing in this world is greater than our God.  How can I loosen the grip of what’s holding me if I don’t put my foot down and fight?


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