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To the Overseer of My Soul

To the overseer of my soul: 

For the life of me, I’ll never understand why you are so quick to hold and protect and nurture me when the glimpses I throw your way are so fleeting. But I guess that is what love is – without reason or fairness or contingents.

 You patiently walk with me through life, careful to steer me from the edge and redirect my path when my heart longs to take me off course. You make it clear that the decision is mine to make, but you have a better way if I’m willing to listen and grasp faith with both of hands. How lonely it must feel by my side some days. 

My mind and actions are quickly swayed by the glitter this world throws into the air. My eyes become easily fixed on they way it hangs in the soft breeze, reflecting the light of the sun, blinding me. The beauty seems more than I could ever want, and before I know it everything in me is turned in its direction, craving more. Then the glitter settles like dust on rocks and leaves and I wonder how it could seem so mesmerizing as it lays in dark shadows on the ground. 

When I turn back and find the right path again, you are never quick to judge or belittle or reprimand. You wait in longing as I make my way from you, and you wait in anticipation when you see me make my way back. A whisper as soft as the patter of raindrops greets me when I am home again.  

When I’m too weak or guarded to understand what is in front of me, you remain a constant source of support, refusing to let me face my challenges and burdens alone. You reveal the beauty in every situation and circumstance, and help me to accept and embrace what I face. 

You don’t just protect my mind, my body, and my health. You oversee my soul – the very essence of me, the part of me that makes me most like you. And you wish deeply for that soul to take its rest with you forever. Not for however many years it will wander through this life. Forever.  

Stay with me, I beg, even though I know I don’t have to. A shepherd never leaves his flock. A protector never abandons his charge. A king never turns from his true love. 

There you are and there I’ll be, enveloped in the arms of Christ. 


“For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the
Shepherd and Overseer of our souls.”
{ 1 Peter 2:25 }


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