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Shame on Me

A recent conversation with a co-worker has me thinking about how unaware society as a whole is about this whole God thing. I’m not even sure what comment I made about my church, but his response was, “Yeah, I wish I was religious for the social aspect. I struggle with meeting new people. It’s weird when a dude goes around looking for new friends, ya know.”

The first thought that crossed my mind was, How sad. Yet, I was that person who saw church as just something people did for 25 years. I spent the majority of life unaware, too.

He went on for a little longer before I responded, “There are greater benefits to going to church than the social part.”

He laughed and said, “Oh, I know.”

Being on the other side of my life now, I can’t imagine going through life without this all consuming love that has filled me. Why would you choose not to? I often wonder. But when you don’t get it, it’s hard to imagine life with it. I attended church all of my youth and was never told that kind of love existed. I was told about God and Jesus and the Bible, but I have no recollection of someone telling me that Jesus wanted to spend every day of my life with me and how it would feel when I said yes.

If I can already see that my life is exponentially better by accepting His offer, and if all the other Christ followers in the world had the same experience in their life, how come more people don’t know about His transformative love?

Shame on us if all society sees when they look at faith is another social function. And shame on me for making a jab at my co-worker but not telling him about what I experienced. What good is it to find a cure but never share the medicine?


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