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God Moves

Forgetting all the ways God has shown up in my life is scarily easy for me. We just talked about this at youth group, encouraging the teenagers to look to their past to see how God is moving in the present. In all honesty, it took me a little bit of time to come up with a good situation to share with them. I can see the look on God’s face now. “Are you kidding me?” He would say, exasperated I’m sure.

But then God clearly moved, and it’s something I need to put down on paper so I won’t forget.

I’ve been very happy in my job for the past four years working as a resume writer for a career management firm. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute my love for writing to help out the marketing team from time to time, and I gladly ate up any assignments they placed in front of me. When the marketing specialist decided to make her exit in December, the marketing director pulled me into her office and encouraged me to apply for the job. Then when I got back to my desk, the exiting marketing specialist emailed me to say she thought I should apply for her job and would help me with interview prep. Then later that afternoon, HR called me to gauge my interest in the job.

I think God’s telling me to apply for this job, I messaged my mom.

I threw my resume in the hat and started learning all I could about marketing. I spent hours digging up and going over behavioral interview questions. I watched tutorials on Pardot and Salesforce and Hootsuite. I defined and then refined my own personal brand.


I hadn’t studied that hard since college.

I was ready.

The first interview with the director went fantastic. She moved me forward and scheduled a second interview with the team a few days later.

I was pumped.

The day after my interview with her, I sat in my cube writing out a thank you letter. My hand froze as I tried to describe all the ways I was the right fit for the job. I was hit with an overwhelming feeling that the job wasn’t right for me. I didn’t mean what I was saying in the letter.

I chalked it up to nerves, but every time I prayed about the job over the next few days, the same feeling returned. Then God used a song on the radio to say, “Yo, Ashlee! This is me speaking to you!” And I knew that even though it didn’t make sense, I had to trust Him. So my prayer changed from, “Help me get this job” to “Help them to be understanding.”

I caught up the director before my second interview and told her I wanted to withdraw my application. Her first response was, “Are you leaving the company?” I explained to her it just didn’t feel right and I took that as God’s way of guiding me, and to my relief, she was completely supportive. We discussed looking at other opportunities for me in the future and I left her office on a positive note.

Knowing how slow things move and how impossible it is to make budgets expand in the business world, I figured the discussion wouldn’t come up again until next year. I was happy with the decision I made, and they hired an experienced marketer soon after.

All was well.

Then in March the director pulled me into her office. She told me take the job description I had applied for in January and highlight only the things I wanted to do and she would present it to the president. Her inexact words were, “Tell me what you want to do and what you want to get paid and I’ll make it happen.”

Are you kidding me? I said to myself, her, God. Is this really how this is going to happen?


And sure enough, it did. The president approved the request and I moved to the marketing team on Wednesday. So essentially, I’m handling half of the responsibilities that were listed for more pay than I was going to ask for when I initially interviewed.

That doesn’t even make sense. How grateful I am to be praising a God that doesn’t make sense.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Most of the time, the hard part isn’t hearing God speak in my life – it’s obeying. And each time I step out in faith, He proves to me over and over again that He knows what He is doing.

So I encourage you, the next time you hear that still, small voice that you associate with God, don’t run from it. Even if it’s pointing you in a direction you don’t think you should go. Trust that there is a reason for it and that He will make your path straight.


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