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Motivated by Hope

While diving head-first into my new found job and trying to figure out how exactly to be a marketer, I’ve consumed plenty of articles, white papers, slideshares, and ebooks on content marketing. This quote recently came across my screen from an article on

“Fear isn’t the only way to get people to act, though it is one of the most powerful. Hope can do the trick too, but first you need to create a sense of desperation or illustrate just how big a problem they have and the hope to change it will suddenly make sense.”

The article was on ways to convert marketing materials into sales. I found myself slightly offended by the baseness of it. In some strange way, it felt like a subconscious jab at faith. It’s no shocker that marketers use fear to get us to buy crap we don’t need. This has always been the case. But I guess I never acknowledged that they try to snag us by giving us a false sense of hope, too.

And what really ticked me off was the casual way they threw around hope. “It’ll do the trick too,” they say. Grr.

As if it’s not real, as if it doesn’t have immense worth, as if it’s a cheap solution.

Yet, once I move past that jab, I see some validity.

So often people have to hit rock bottom before they turn their eyes to God. When the bottom falls out, they see a clear illustration of just how big their problem is. When there is no one left to turn to, a sense of desperation fills the soul.

Before these things happen – before we are brought to our knees – the hope that God provides doesn’t seem necessary. It might never cross our minds. Get us at our weakest and it starts to make sense, though. It starts to be something we crave and need.

A few tricks I’ve learned in life (at no extra charge): Don’t create a sense of desperation in your life. Don’t wait for the huge problem that will suddenly make God make sense. Don’t let hope be your response to fear; let it be your response to love.


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This entry was posted on September 10, 2015 by in Hope, Life Lessons.

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