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How Many Lollipops Have You Handed Out Today?

We impact lives every single day, whether we realize it or not. Our presence alone has the power to positively or negatively affect someone. When you throw in our words and our actions, that can be pretty extraordinary.

After listening to this TED Talk on everyday leadership, I instantly thought of Matt. He was in my life for a brief period of time. I was a young woman living all alone in a new town when Matt happened to sit next to me at church one day. The friendship that ensued from that chance encounter changed the trajectory of my life. When I told him this four years ago as I was preparing for my baptism, he responded, “And here I thought I was just sitting next to a pretty girl.”

He didn’t know the lasting impact he would have on me. He simply saw a girl sitting by herself and wanted to introduce himself. The gesture wasn’t life-altering, but what God did with it was.

And it makes me think of Caren, a former colleague and mentor. She saw my interest in writing and suggested I start blogging. She answered my countless questions and shared the wisdom she had gained during her career in marketing. She brought me onto the communications committee, which led to a relationship with the marketing department at my current job, which led to my recent promotion. All because Caren was willing to lead me.

We don’t have to create profound moments. Moments become profound simply because we’re alive and living them.

We were made to do life together. Point your life toward serving others in everyday moments, and you’ll be blown away by the amount of lollipops you hand out…without even knowing.


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