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Look Around – You’ll See It

No matter what your resolution is, no matter what you plan to work on in 2016, cling to this truth:

God has given you the resources you need to live out your purpose.

This year doesn’t have to be a repeat of the last. You can step off and step out and scoop up all the treasures around you to be the you He wants you to be.


Right now – in this moment and in this phase of life – God has given you everything you need. Your list of wants might be a mile long – mine usually is, too. You might think the next job, the next loan repayment, the next free moment will be when you can finally shine and give your all. I like to live in that land of “When this happens, then I’ll…” as well.

When my pastor said those words above, it made me realize that my wants might just be things or situations that bring me farther away from God instead of closer. It also made me admit that I might be putting too much focus on things that have nothing to do with the life He wants me to lead. If I needed them – if they were necessary to glorify Him – then I would already have them.

As we go into a new year, focus on what you have and what God has already gifted you with. Look around – you’ll see it. Your purpose doesn’t have to be a big, complicated higher calling. It doesn’t have to start a movement or stop one. It can be as simple as building confidence in youth, delivering meals for shut-ins, scraping your neighbor’s sidewalk. Your purpose is not beyond your capabilities, and it is certainly not beyond your available resources.

Start small. Dream big. And look at all the tools, knowledge, possessions, and spare change around you as a way to live out His purpose for you in 2016.


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