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Minimalist Monday: Want Less, Live More

The idea of wanting less and living more has been my theme the past few years. I’ve fought hard to pay off debt, I’ve spent many an hour purging stuff, and I’ve retrained my spending habits to keep unneeded items from appearing in my home. I believe simple living is more than giving up a few luxuries – it’s a lifestyle. Lifestyle changes aren’t easy or instant. It’s a process – which means it’s work, which means it’s hard. I’m certain that’s why so many of us choose to stay the same. Life is already hard work, even without turning your spending habits, bank accounts, and homes upside down.

If you’re thinking of living with less this year, I leave you with these words of wisdom:

“There are two ways to be wealthy. One is to make more money.
The other is to want less stuff.”

– Mike Herring

More money doesn’t always equal more wealth. It’s too tempting and easy to “level up.” Your raise quickly gets allocated to new expenses, you adjust to the new pay increase and have the same amount of money left over (or not left over) at the end of the month, and then you’re right back to square one – thinking “if I just made $XXXX more dollars per year, then I’d be fine.”

So that leaves the latter: living with less. If you’re not ready to tackle your spending, start with your home instead. It feels really, really awesome to throw out a whole lotta stuff. Maybe your new year starts with the Minimalist Challenge. It’s free. It can be done whenever your time allows. And it forces you to questions everything you own. I’m confident you’ll be amazed by how much stuff is taking up precious time and space in your life to no benefit to you.

Let it start in your home then trickle down to your spending. When you work that hard to purge your life of that much stuff, the last thing you will want to do is fill it back up with clutter again.

Baby step your way into a simple life and you’ll find that what felt hard in the beginning really does become simple.



2 comments on “Minimalist Monday: Want Less, Live More

  1. TJ
    January 8, 2016

    Hi. I found your site after a tag search of “simple living”. I too started cutting back on the items in my home and tackled my debt a few years ago. The journey still continues.
    Also, I love your Blog title: Life, Faith, Tea. Yes, Absolutely!

    • Ashlee
      January 11, 2016

      Thank you, TJ! I’m glad you found me. I love meeting others who are mindful about living a simple life. Congrats on tackling debt and paring down! Not easy endeavors, but so rewarding.

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