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Bonfires in Heaven

I’ve read through the Gospels many times, but this verse just now jumped out at me:

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.”

{ John 21:25 }

It has me thinking about how many amazing stories we have yet to hear about our Savior. He did so many incredible things in the Bible it blows me away to think there’s still more.

But of course there is. The sum of 33ish years lived by the most awesome man ever can’t possibly be completely contained in four books of the Bible. I’ve honestly never stopped to think about that until now.

I hope there’s bonfires in Heaven. Bonfires that last all night, where there’s more than enough room for everyone to gather round, and there’s so much joy as we sit and share stories with one another.

I hope there’s long walks on the beach too. And warm meals and star gazing. And docks on the bay and car rides. Because I want to hear every one of the stories Jesus still has to tell us (and these are the scenarios where I love to sit back and listen)!

I want time to reminisce with Jesus – and laugh and cry and smile and remember all the wonderful things He did here on earth that we don’t even know about. And I hope He’ll want to laugh and cry and smile and remember all the things I did with my life, as well.

I want to relive the good moments together – the moments where He changed the world and the moments where I (hopefully) made Him proud.

I want to know how our stories intertwine and collide, nearly 2,000 years apart. There is a common thread between us all – a thread that links us to Him – and I want to spin those stories for hours back to the beginning.


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