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The Evolution of a Tea Addict

44899362_sA Sip a Day: My Drug of Choice

Oh, how I long for those first three sips of scalding tea each morning. The rest of the cup is irrelevant – it’s those first steamy gulps I’m after.

Sometimes the first thought in my head each morning, before the sun has even risen, is when I’ll have that cup in my hands. “This is what addiction is,” a friend comments. Touche.

I remember the days when a Lipton pyramid herbal tea would do it for me. My gateway drug. I smile snidely now when someone claims they’re a tea drinker, just to hear they drink Lipton. Ha! I think.

Then I moved on to Republic of Tea ginger peach and passionfruit papaya tea. Lipton just couldn’t quite cut it anymore. I needed a fuller taste – a stronger hit when the much anticipated scalding sips came.

As your addiction increases, so does the speed in which you advance to the next drug of choice. I had a couple encounters with loose leaf tea – and bam! I was hooked. This, I thought. This is what tea is meant to be. Bolder, richer, and stronger. Tea bags will never taste the same again.

Then I stopped messing around with fru-fru fruity teas. I longed to strip the cup down to its essence. No additives, no masks. Just straight lead. Now loose black tea and chai tea fill my cuppas.

I don’t know where my addiction goes next, what new fix will find me. But I do know that even as I type this in the evening hours, I’m already eagerly anticipating the next three scalding sips…



3 comments on “The Evolution of a Tea Addict

  1. medita8
    February 26, 2016


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