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I Workout with Chickens

I am blessed to have a farm less than a mile from my house. The property was donated to the city park system in 2002. In the farm’s heyday, the original owners farmed the land, raised cattle and pigs, and maintained an orchard. Now the community walks the trails, explores the barns, and plays with farm animals.

As the weather turns warmer (who am I kidding – it never got cold in the Midwest this winter), I’m taking my workouts outdoors again. Just a picnic table and my body weight are needed. And a few clucking chickens to cheer me on.

They flock to me when I arrive, refusing to believe I don’t have treats in my hands. They linger close by, thinking I must be kidding. When I start in on my jumping jacks or mountain climbers, they come closer still, perhaps convinced that seeds will fly out of my shoes.

Their disappointment in my lack of food doesn’t turn them away. They continue to watch regardless.

I might not push myself as hard as I do in the gym, when my two workout buddies are there to hold me accountable. It might be a few less calories and a few less squats, but it’s worth it to watch the chickens peck, hear the goats mew in the distance, and see the sunset.

After reading Your Brain on Nature, I can appreciate that this experience away from the hum of workout machines, the endless rows of televisions, and the stagnant air in the gym is rewarding and rejuvenating in bigger ways. I’m renewed from a deeper spot within me, and I’m okay with not throwing all of that renewed energy into more machine gun presses or burpees. I’m okay with taking it back home with me.

But not before I hold a bunny and pet the barn kitty and scratch behind a goat’s ear.





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