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On Being an Aunt

It’s unbelievable how much love this little life brings into my world.


I was not prepared for being an aunt. I knew I would love him – I’m fond of kids and love my friends’ children well enough. I knew it would be fun – I’m always up for a good excuse to have a dance party or play hide and seek. I knew it would change me – you can’t add a new family member without it impacting you.


But I had no idea it would completely and utterly wreck me.

This child has done a number on us all. Just seeing his face makes my heart want to burst. Just hearing his sweet voice makes me want to cry. Just wrapping him up in a big hug makes me want to eat him up.

I didn’t know this much love was possible, and he’s not even mine! How can mothers stand it?


For the past few years, we’ve marveled at how much he’s changed, laughed at all his jokes, cheered him on as he tried new things, and given him lovings just because he’s so darn cute. Every week when I see his name on my prayer list, my instant reaction is to smile and shake my head – blown away by the amazing spirit God has blessed him with.


I pray that he’ll never lose his energy and happiness, his caring nature, his ability to make others laugh. I pray he’ll always know how much he is loved and valued. I pray he’ll grow into a strong adult and a Godly man. And I pray we‘ll get to keep him forever and ever.


He makes me want to be more present in life. When months go by between our visits, the changes in him are amplified. Four years have gone by in the blink of an eye. I don’t want to be too distracted to miss out on his smile, his laugh, his questions, and his love. I want to be there – truly there – for every moment.


Happy 4th Birthday, Cooper! You make our lives so, so sweet.

Happy Birthday Coop!


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