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Try, Try Again


“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”
{ 1 Peter 3:15 }

Fail! That’s the un-passing grade I get for this assignment. Giant fail.

I’m the queen of coming up with great ways to give God the glory…hours after the conversation, days after the situation, and weeks after the lesson. As much as I try – and pray! – to be more aware of where I can verbally honor Him, I consistently miss opportunities in the moment.

Perhaps a few stock pile phrases will work? Practice makes perfect. Repeat them over and over and you’ll know when the right time to share them is. Yeah, no – hasn’t worked for me yet. Like I said, when I take time to look back, I come up with amazing sentences that would convince anyone to accept the hope Jesus extends… Okay, now I’m being righteous. And a liar.

Throughout the week, I’m good at telling God how much His hope means to me. He gets praises from me continually, but as we all know – that isn’t all that He wants. The hope that lives in me deserves a name and a face to those around me. He wants whoever I encounter to know that He changed me and worked great things together in my life. This doesn’t happen when I take credit for things I didn’t do over and over again.

Co-worker: “You are always a beacon of calm.”
Me: “Thanks, that’s sweet of you to say.” FAIL!
Should have said: “It’s only because of God I am this patient!”

Friend: “What’s new with you?”
Me: “Not much. Same stuff as the last time I saw you.” FAIL!
Should have said: “Things have been great. God has brought a lot of joy into my life this past year.”

Boss: “Your smile is contagious!”
Me: “Aww! Good thing I like doing it.” FAIL!
Should have said: “God has blessed me with many reasons to be happy. I’m glad it shines through!”

I know that the more I weave God into my daily conversations, the easier it will be to share His hope with others. It will come naturally. It will become instinct. It will happen in the moments it needs to, instead of later on in my head.

It’s a growing process and there’s a learning curve. Luckily God is always calm and loving – giving me ample opportunities to try, try again.


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