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Minimalist Monday: Simple isn’t Easy


“Living more simply is not hard to comprehend. Declutter your life. Cut things out. Give things away. Say no to opportunities that are not meaningful. We understand how to do it…but it’s not necessarily easy to do.”

 { Pastor Chuck Sackett }

Simple doesn’t bring the word easy to my mind. Simple feels hard…a lot. Years after starting this simple journey, it’s still plain hard. Especially when power browsing the mall for shoes for my brother’s wedding and feeling my jeans and shirt are so tired compared to the beautiful clothing all around. That’s when it feels real, real hard. Because there’s only money in the envelop for the shoes. And I refuse to use my debit card for an impulse buy. So I sigh instead and push on.

These moments of petty defeat spur me to remember I say no now so I can say yes later. And the things I say yes to are way better than new clothes: vacations, donations, mission trips, an emergency fund, new hobbies, time with family, healthy home-cooked meals.

So yes, living simply is hard. But you know what else is hard? Stressing about money, taking on debt, working non-stop, living with clutter, wishing purchases made us feel complete, regretting our decisions, overbooking our schedules, missing the point of life.

If either side of the fence is hard, I’ll gladly stick with the side I’ve chosen – reserving the right to longingly gaze at the gorgeous racks of clothes I pass.

What about simple living has been hard for you lately? Here’s a few ways to get back on track:

Develop the habit of de-accumulating.
Avoid anything that is addicting.
Buy for usefulness.
Serve the underserved and gain some perspective.
Go without something in April and put the cash into savings.
Search your town for free events.
Place pictures of things you live simply for on your fridge and in your wallet. Stare at them when the clothes are beckoning. 😉
Get out of your comfort zone.


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