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You Aren’t Your Accessories


How many of you out there spend way too much time wondering what others think of your clothes, your face, your hair? My hand’s raised high, in case you can’t see it.

No matter how much or how little time I spend getting ready, I look the exact same very day. Yet I still wonder what others are seeing day in and day out.

I recently played a new baby shower game – grateful it didn’t include diapers and remnants of candy bars. We were in the room with the mom-to-be for about an hour before she quietly slipped out. We were then handed a plethora of questions about her appearance that particular day.

How was her hair styled?

Did she wear a necklace? What color was it?

Were her nails painted?

Did she have on eye shadow?

Was she wearing sandals or heels?

Did her shirt have buttons?

The list went on and on, to which most of us couldn’t answer correctly. A friend finally exclaimed,

“This exercise makes me realize how little attention people pay me!”

The person in question was the center of attention that day – we gave her hugs, berated her with questions about the baby room, and watched her open gifts! And we still had no clue if her nails were painted or if she had on earrings.

Details are fun – details make us feel pretty – but they often don’t change how others perceive us.

This game now comes to mind when I’m staring into the mirror too long, fretting over my hair for the third time, and feeling self-conscious in my old jeans and shirt. None of it matters. None of this is what I want others to remember about me.

I want others to hear my words and see my smile and observe my actions and notice my moods. Those things speak louder than the items that adorn me anyway. Yet I’m always tempted to spend more time worrying about the accessories than I am the real things that make me me.



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