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Why I’m Breaking Up with Reading

Stack of Books

Technically that title should read “Why I’m (Sort of) Breaking Up with Reading (For a Short Time).”

Reading is hands down my favorite hobby. I love holding a book in my hands (Yep, that’s a thing that hasn’t been outsourced to an electronic device in my home). I love browsing rows and rows of books at the library (Yep, those places still exist). I love Book Club Friday more than any other day of the month (Yep, nerd alert).

Reading is a passion. But like a lot of passions, it’s borderline an obsession and eats into massive amounts of my free time. I’m ready to have some of that free time back in the evening so I’ve decided to break up with my love for a few months. (Except for Book Club books – I still get to read those!)

I don’t know what exactly I plan to do with this time, but a baby fast is in order to be open to something else. I shamefully admit that I rush through my prayer time and avoid phone calls so I can dive back into my book quicker once the day is done. There are many times I think of calling a friend to see if she wants to meet up or go for a walk…but get sucked into 3 hours of reading instead.

It’s time for a break. It’s time to see what other things need my attention.

I’m one week in and I already miss reading so, so, so, SO much. Further proof that this needs to happen. Darn. 



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