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Flooded by Grace


Here’s a concept to consider:

The more that sin enters the world, the more that grace comes flooding in to cover it.

Romans 5:20 show us that, “where sin increased, grace increased all the more.” Plain proof that it’s never possible for sin to outweigh grace and mercy.

I’ve had many discussions with friends and coworkers about the evil that pollutes our news every night. We make statements claiming times have never been this bad, there’s too much hate in the world, and it’s too scary to be out of our comfy homes after dark.

This Bible verse confirms my stance: darkness will never overtake the light.

If the more we sin and hurt one another and destroy the beauty around us automatically leads to God spreading more grace and love and forgiveness over us, then there will never be more evil than good in this world. At times it may seem unbelievable, but darkness will never win.

It’s so easy to be paralyzed by fear and uncertainty – to shut the door on opportunities to grow, serve, and stretch because it might put us in harm’s way. It really is tempting to shut the door on it all and never leave the house.

But clearly God is giving all He’s got to wash that evil mess away, and His grace has no end.

I rambled last week about how I don’t want to waste this one chance I have at life being in a bad mood – and I sure don’t want to spend it behind a locked door either.

There’s tragedy all around us, but there’s more than enough grace to get us through it. So I choose to open my door. I choose to spread the light. And I choose to believe that sin will never overtake His grace.


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