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Why I’ll Never Breakup with Reading Again

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When I decided to (temporarily) breakup with reading a few months ago, I had visions of doing something profound with the newly found time. Perhaps I would build more time into maintaining friendships. Or dust off the two novels I’m “working on.” Or find ways to change up and deepen my prayer time.

I was open to new possibilities, and felt it was time to take a step back and create space for something different for a while.

Looking back, I see how worthless this endeavor was.

I did nothing.

I have no victories to report, no achievements to share, no moments of spiritual enlightenment to inspire you with. I spent a lot of time wandering around the apartment, wishing I had something useful to do. I wasted so much time doing nothing!

Reading is a wonderful hobby for many reasons. Besides the fact that it opens up new worlds to you every time you crack open a book, it’s extremely easy to fit it in during the mundane moments of life.

Without a book handy, I had to just sit there while waiting for appointments, turn on the boob-tube when babysitting and the kids had gone to bed, and stare at people while sitting on the beach. All that valuable time – wasted.

I missed reading so much I started reading all the junk mail that came through my mailbox. Seriously. (If that’s not a sign of an addict, I don’t know what is…)

I am not about a life without books. No sir.

I now understand that the reason I read so much is to keep me from doing pointless things. I clearly lack determination otherwise. So on that note…

Give me a 1,000 page book stat!


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