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If Wisdom Was Enough

Solomon was a wise man even before God bestowed infinite wisdom on him. He already knew enough to know he needed to know more.

When it was his turn to take the throne, God told him to ask for whatever he wanted. Solomon responded,

“Give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to
distinguish between right and wrong.”
{ 1 Kings 3:9 }

God was pleased with his request and granted him a wise and discerning heart like no one before him or after him.

With all that wisdom, it would be pretty hard to screw life up, right? Having the perfect answer to every imperfect situation would leave no room to falter, eh?

If only Solomon were so lucky.

1 Kings:11 shares that Solomon took on many, many, many wives from nations God had warned the Israelites to stay away from. 700 to be exact. Not 7. 7 with two 0s after it. What in the world was that man thinking?!

And just as the Lord warned, those women led Solomon astray, tempting him to follow their gods. And God was not pleased. He vowed to tear the kingdom away from Solomon’s family as a result.

I ramble about this today because Solomon’s story is proof that wisdom alone isn’t enough to find and stay on God’s path. Solomon had all the wisdom in the world, knew exactly what to do in every circumstance, yet STILL strayed from God. He was the best equipped person on Earth to live a blameless life, yet he failed.

At the end of the day, he was still human. And at the end of the day, wisdom will only get us so far. It’s one thing to know what to do; it’s a completely different thing to obey what you should do.

Wisdom is critical, a virtue, a blessing – but infinite wisdom doesn’t guarantee you’ll do the right thing. Obedience must accompany it. These two need to walk hand-in-hand if we are to accomplish what God has set out for us.


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